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Ecological surveys are now frequently requested as part of the Planning Application process for development and changes in land use. They are required to show that the site has been assessed for the presence of protected wildlife.

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Below we have broken down the different services we offer in Ecological Surveys

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What should I know about Ecological Surveys?

Ecological surveys (as part of the Planning Process) assess the presence of protected wildlife, allowing for mitigative measures to reduce any impact on wildlife while ensuring developments and changes of land use can still take place. Many of our clients now see ecological surveys as an opportunity to enhance the eventual wildlife value of a site too, as an asset.

Our team of Ecologists are highly experienced in all types and scales of developments, from very large complex developments to very small domestic ones. We offer a full range of ecological and protected species surveys for all species groups.


What happens next?

We need to know what type of ecological survey you require. This may be stated on your Planning Application, but if not, don’t worry. Send us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to advise and discuss this with you.

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