Initial Ecological Assessment (IEA)

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What do I need to know about an Initial Ecological Assessment (IEA)?

An 'IEA' is a baseline ecological survey to demonstrate that protected wildlife has been considered as part of your Planning Application. The IEA is usually the first step of the ecological survey process - see our flow chart download below, to understand the full process. 

The IEA should be submitted with your Planning Application, or it may be asked for as part of the Planning Consultation phase BEFORE your Planning application is approved.

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What does an initial Ecological Assessment involve?


What About Costs?

Our report costs start from £375*

Exact costs will depend on the size of your property and the scope & complexity of the works proposed. That is why we offer a free site meeting to discuss your project and ensure the best value report and approach is quoted for.

*An additional charge from the Jersey Biodiversity Records Centre (to get a report on protected wildlife known to the vicinity of your site) may also be required in some circumstances


Further information about Initial Ecological Assessments


Can this survey be completed this time of year?

This survey can be undertaken at ANY TIME OF YEAR and may be required as part of your Planning Application

What happens next?

If the IEA shows no evidence or suitability for a site or building to contain protected wildlife, then a simple report is written which may include some precautionary mitigation measures.

If protected wildlife is found or is suspected then further surveys may be required – see Protected Species Surveys. Further surveys are typically restricted to certain times of the year so it is important to determine if they are needed as early as possible to prevent delays to your development project.


See what some of our clients have to say about our ecological services

I have worked with the Nurture Ecology Team on multiple development projects and always find them to be reliable, friendly, professional and pragmatic. Where surveys have highlighted that protected species are present, I have found that Nurture Ecology are particularly knowledgeable and useful in assisting me in protecting the wildlife in line with legal requirements, whilst at the same time enabling me to continue the proposed development largely in line with my original plans. 

I would recommend Nurture Ecology to anybody needs this type of service.

Jonathan Ruff, Director JAJ Properties Ltd

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