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What do I need to know about Protected Species Surveys?

Detailed protected species surveys may be required if the Initial Ecological Survey or Preliminary Roost Inspection finds evidence of such species, or if the habitats / buildings site are found to have high suitability for such species

Further surveys may be required for one or several species groups, dependent on the habitats present and location of the site.

We can undertake targeted ecological surveys for the following protected species groups and habitats, and we will provide you with a detailed quote as to which species groups will require further investigation;


What species are included in this survey?

Timing of Surveys

All of our protected species surveys follow the relevant best practice guidelines that the States of Jersey Department of the Environment require us to follow. As such, these targeted protected species surveys can only be undertaken at certain times of the year when the species suspected are active, typically between April and October.


What About Costs?

Costs will entirely depend on the species group / groups that require further survey, in line with the best practice guidelines the States of Jersey Department of the  Environment require us to follow. A detailed quote and breakdown will be provided and discussed with you.

Ecological Survey Calendar for different protected species groups


Generally these surveys can only be undertaken in the months highlighted below (see attached calendar for further species specific advice). It is therefore imperative that you commence your ecological survey as early on in the Planning process as possible to prevent delays!


Can this survey be completed this time of year?

Please see our species-specific survey timetable Download button above for information about when surveys for different protected species can be undertaken. Typically these detailed surveys can ony be ubdertaken between April and October.

What happens next?

If the Protected Species Survey finds no further evidence of protected species on site, then a detailed report is written to present the evidence that we have undertaken a satisfactory survey effort to show that protected wildlife is likely absent. This report may include some precautionary mitigation measures in case any animals are found once works commence.

If protected wildlife is found…firstly don’t panic! The presence of protected wildlife does not mean that your Planning Application will be refused. We will work with you to create a detailed Species Protection Plan (SPP) which will detail how the population of protected wildlife will be safeguarded during the development process, and encouraged to persist at the site on the long term (also referred to as ‘mitigation’).

The SPP is case specific and is entirely dependent on the species, population and impact to the wildlife present on site.  We have a huge amount of experience in this area and will find suitable mitigation solution that is legal, fair and cost-effective.

We can also provide Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) for larger developments, which are frequently requested as a Planning Condition


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We have worked on many projects with Nurture Ecology and have always found them to be very responsive, professional and helpful.  They have proved to be a valuable consultant on many of our recent planning applications and have continued to provide support throughout the construction of many of our projects.

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