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What is there to know about Research?

Nurture Ecology can undertake research and monitoring projects of the wider environment and / or specific species. Research and monitoring projects may be eligible for funding through the States of Jersey Countryside Enhancement Scheme if it meets their criteria.

Research can include investigations into local species to gather further information that may help to better understand and therefore conserve them (i.e. their range, distribution, abundance, requirements etc.).

Monitoring can include surveying and reporting on how particular management techniques impact an area of land or species, for example monitoring the effects of grazing on habitats and individual species abundance.

We can create a professional scientific monitoring or research project specific to your needs and requirements, please contact us to discuss this further

Example Projects


In 2012 and 2013 Nurture Ecology undertook an extensive research and monitoring scheme for the Jersey Aquaculture Association into how a change in management can help prevent high mortality in young oysters grown locally within inter-tidal oyster beds. This was an extremely successful project and the results of which we hope to be printed in Scientific Journals soon.

Sea Lettuce

In collaboration with a UK consultancy company, we were commissioned to undertake field research into how much of the troublesome sea lettuce was coming in and going out of the St Aubins Bay area on a typical tide. This involved us scuba diving a specialist ‘cage’ and net at high tide to retrieve the seaweed that came in on the pushing tide, removing and drying the seaweed, and measuring the dried biomass weight of the seaweed. We also undertook offshore underwater transects of the outer reefs in this area to determine if the sea lettuce was originating from these locations.

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