Farm Biodiversity Plans

Agricultural land makes up approximately 55% of Jersey, with the majority of fields located within Green Zone and other ecologically valuable areas (like Jersey National Park). As custodians of the countryside, farmers are in a strong position to manage and enhance habitats for the benefit of wildlife across the Island.

The States of Jersey Rural Support Scheme requires farmers applying for support to be members of specific environmental assurance schemes; either Red Tractor (Tier 1) or LEAF Marque (Tier 2). Both schemes require the production of a Farm Biodiversity Plan as part of the accreditation process.

Farm Biodiversity Plans

Require a baseline audit of the owned/rented land in which the fields, their boundaries and any uncultivated areas are assessed for their ecological value. Key species, habitats and enhancement opportunities across the farm are identified and a management plan is produced outlining how any identified ecological features and opportunities for wildlife can be maximised.

Enhancement recommendations may range from slight modifications in management practices to the creation of ecological buffer strips, field margins, hedgerows and conservation crops.

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We are also highly experienced in undertaking farm audits and producing the necessary management plans to gain either Red Tractor or LEAF Marque accreditation. When required, we can assess the farm on an annual basis to report on the implementation of the management plan targets.

We were very impressed with Nurture Ecology’s professionalism and knowledge on conservation management and environmental enhancement opportunities. We were impressed with the plan that was produced and it was well received by our Red Tractor and LEAF auditor. To conclude, we would have no hesitation in recommending Nurture Ecology to any other businesses within the island.

Matthew Lamy, Somerleigh Farms

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