Wildlife Ponds

Wildlife Ponds 

An area we have really excelled at in recent years is the creation and maintenance of wildlife ponds and waterfalls. A pond is arguably the best thing you can do to encourage wildlife to your wild space, and the wildlife value and interest will increase literally hours after we fill the pond with water. Ponds of all sizes attract insects, birds and bats, and provide a breeding ground for amphibians such as the iconic Jersey toad and palmate newt.

Our ponds are made to be a focal point and interest feature on your land - not a green slimy swamp that people sometimes think of when you mention a wildlife pond. We have techniques to make them blend in perfectly with the surrounding land and look very natural, or we can make them more of a feature including dry stone wall edging, bridges, waterfalls etc. 

Ponds (like all habitats) do need some ongoing management and maintenance, and it is important to consider this when planning a pond. Our team can do regular visits to help care for your pond and increase the wildlife value of it, and do targeted and effective removal of invasive species.

Wildlife Gardens 

Wildlife gardens are often designed alongside ponds, with native and wildlife enhancing plants to maximise the wildlife potential in your space. Many also feature attractive natural landscaping, like sleeper beds, footpaths and natural fencing or native hedgerows.


I would thoroughly recommend Nurture Ecology for their professional and knowledgeable approach. We have found them to be very reliable and friendly, and they have a sensitive approach to land management whilst still getting great results

Hilary Grant, St.Ouen

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