Habitat Management

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What is there to know about Habitat Management?

It is a common belief that land ‘left wild’ is beneficial to wildlife, but this is very often not the case. Most ‘wild’ habitats need on-going management to maintain their value to wildlife, and without such management will grow towards low quality woodland, or be taken over by invasive species or scrub.

We manage all natural and semi-natural habitats, no matter what their condition, and can guarantee huge improvements in terms of wildlife value and amenity.

Habitats we frequently manage and are highly experienced in include;

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Their knowledge and expertise have gradually and sensitively altered this wonderful area for the better. We are very pleased to have been working with Nurture Ecology and to see the return of heather and other desirable plants, and to see wild birds, green lizards and other native wildlife thrive. We have no hesitation in recommending Nurture Ecology to anyone who may need their help in improving the wildlife and beauty of their land.

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