Biodiversity Net Gain

The Bridging Island Plan 2022 – 2025 requires that new developments improve biodiversity and, where possible, deliver Biodiversity Net Gain. We work with developers and architects to establish the value of the existing habitats on site pre-development, then create a scheme that offers improved habitat(s) for wildlife longer term, to ensure compliance with Planning.

Demonstrating Biodiversity Net Gain

For smaller, residential sites we produce an Ecological Enhancement Plan, which describes habitat creation and enhancement measures that will improve the biodiversity value of your site. These measures may include the use of wildlife boxes, tree and hedge planting, management of existing habitats to improve their condition and green infrastructure,  etc. 

For larger, complex sites that might be subject to public scrutiny, we use the Biodiversity Metric, a UK recognised quantifiable tool used to demonstrate how a development or change in land use will change the biodiversity value of a site. Consulting with us before development starts allows for maximum biodiversity uplift to be demonstrated in the design and land management decisions.

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