Further Protected Species Surveys

Further protected species surveys may be required under the Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021 for one or more protected species groups, if suitability for or evidence of their use is found. This is dependent on the habitats present and the location of the site. 

We undertake targeted ecological surveys for the following protected species groups and habitats: Bats, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, Small Mammals, Plants, Marine Species, Fungi and Lichens.

Protected species need to be active for us to survey. Most further surveys can only be undertaken between April and October, see our Survey Timing Guidelines PDF below.

If Protected Species are found

Firstly, don't panic! The presence of protected wildlife does not mean that your Planning Application will be refused. We will work with you to create a Species Protection Plan detailing how the population of protected wildlife will be safeguarded during the development process, and encouraged to persist at the site in the long term.

Our advice is always case specific and bespoke to the species, population and impact to the wildlife present on site. We have a huge amount of experience in mitigation solutions that are legal, fair and cost-effective.

We also provide Construction Environmental Management Plans for larger developments, which are frequently required as a Planning Condition.

We have broken down the general timings we can survey each protected species group below. 
Due to seasonal constraints, please engage us early in your project planning to avoid delays. 

Ecological Survey Timing Guidelines


Download Here

Please see our species-specific survey timetable above. Typically these detailed surveys can ony be undertaken between April and October.


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